Finished Yarn! ~ Mocha

So, like I said yesterday, I’ve been trying to get better at doing a 2-ply..

in preparation for the Tour de Fleece, I’m practicing now… so during the Tour, I won’t be stumbling around in the dark as much, heehee :-P

Anyways, I got this braid back in July 2012… heehee, long time ago. This is from the WildHare Etsy store. There are some fun braids of fiber there :-P I have one more her store that I’ll be spinning up at some point.. it’s a rainbow gradient. So that’ll be fun :-)

This one was called Lithos, and it was 4oz of a superwash wool top. Not the softest thing in the world, but it’s not horribly scratchy :-)


Part of this braid was an accident, haha. I split it down the middle then split the halves in half.. so I’d try to get some kind of barbera-pulling (is that the right term? I’m not sure, haha). I spun one bobbin, it turned out great! Went on to the second bobbin, spun one of the halves of the half and for some reason didn’t spin the second half of the half before starting to ply. I have no idea why I forgot, haha. But I did, so that kinda messed up the color sequence I had in my mind.


I’m pretty happy with it though… the plies aren’t too loose. It is in some places, but overall it seems pretty tight. It was pretty over twisted when I took it off the niddy-noddy.. but after it’s bath, it evened out a bit and hangs pretty straight now. I hung a hanger on the bottom of the skein while it was drying just to make sure it’d get rid of the extra twisty, heehee :-P

What do you guys think? Does it look okay? As far as 2-plies go, I’m a bit clueless, haha :-P but I’m working on it! I plan on mastering the 2-ply (maybe during the Tour, maybe not, haha :-P) and then moving on to 3-ply… which I might need another bobbin for. I only have 3, heehee. But that’s way in the future v^_^v

On a scholarly note – I started my French 1 online college class!! I’m SO EXCITED about it!! There was big drama about the French 1 class at Lone Star college (where I took classes the past two semesters, and finished my freshman year at. Our local community college) and that didn’t end up working.


But I’m so glad this online class worked out – I started last night around 8:00 and stayed up till like 12:30 because I was having so much fun (and there was a lot that was due the next day/today). I did take breaks though, haha :-P My teacher is extremely awesome – she’s so sweet. If this class ends up well, I plan on taking French 2 from her as well.


11 thoughts on “Finished Yarn! ~ Mocha

  1. Hannahbelle says:

    Lovely yarn! Or should I say, magnifique? C’est tres belle! Je ne sais pas si j’ai le temps pour Tour de Fleece 2013, mais c’est possible je peux essayer. Thanks for reading my blog and stopping in to say hello!

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