Catch Up

Haha, it always seems that you have great plans for the summer – not having as much to do, you have a lot more time for things like blogging, you’re home more. Then when it comes down to it, you’re actually equally busy, if not more, than you were during school. This is the current state of me right now, haha :-P

This past week lots has happened… we went to College Station to look at places to live (Waaaat?!), found the most brilliant place (so we’re currently working on buying it right now. I’m SO EXCITED!!!) and my younger brother graduated from highschool! Which is crazy to think about because 1) that means I graduated a *year* ago and that’s weird. and 2) he’s the last out of the four of us siblings… my mom homeschooled all 4 of us through all 12 grades. She’s amazing – that is no easy feat.

But I have had a fair amount of time to get knitting done… and that knitting time is not wasted! I’ve been surprisingly successful – gotten a lot done! d^_^b

I have my Pogona… Which I don’t think I’ve mentioned…


I’m using Malabrigo Sock in the Ivy colorway. I think that’s the most stitch markers I’ve ever used in one project. I have 20 stitch markers in it (I just counted ^_^)… that’s quite a lot, haha.

I’ll also be doing Stash Dash with the KnitGirllls… which looks happily upon my WIP collection because of this particular statement in the rules…

“If you finish a WIP after 5/24 that you started before 5/24, you get to count the yardage for the entire project.”

That would be like… every WIP I have pretty much, haha. The goal of Stash dash is to knit 4K of your stash yarn. Which calculates out to 4,375 yards. Spinning counts. Then counts for double if you knit what you spin. BRING IT ON!


I’m also about 2 raglan increases away from separating the sleeves from the body on my Reverb cardigan . (Once again, more Stash Dash stuff! d^_^b)

You probably noticed this, but my cabling is kind of off on the back pannel of Reverb, haha. It’s symmetry is not quite there… yet. I’m working on it, haha. It’s not *that* noticeable though… It could be intentional… Its my own little design element ^_^ My goal in this sweater isn’t perfection (though, its always nice to have that though, heehee). My goal is to enhance my cabling ability, to make the adorable sweater, to make my first maroon sweater, and to enjoy the process ^_^

So, among my many goals this summer, one of them is to read lots and lots of fiction and fun things. Read new and reread the old.

I read Strands of Bronze and Gold on the way home from my sister’s wedding. That was epic – its a retelling of the Bluebeard story… which I had never heard of before, so the whole story was extremely enthralling. Definite thumbs up!

Now I’m working on rereading the Eragon series. Which I loved and adored when they came out. Which was in 2003… which makes me feel old, haha.


My original copy is fairly old and rather beat up – both my brother and I read it several times. Pages are falling out left and right… so I got a new copy, haha. (^^^ thats the new copy, haha. In all it’s pristine glory)

What are you guys reading this summer? I’m all for suggestions! I love finding new book gems ^_^


9 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. sallock says:

    Your Pogona is looking nice! I love Malabrigo Sock yarn and that green colourway is gorgeous! I’m in awe of your cardigan knitting skills. I never tried that! I’m a beginner at knitting and have no idea how to start that or count the amount of yarn you need. You seem to be so familiar with that.

    • Grace says:

      thanks for your sweet comment! Sweater knitting, at first, is always really daunting.. but after the second one, I think, its more familiar and known territory :-P All you can do is jump in, feet first! Its scary but tons of fun d^_^b

  2. Candice says:

    As always I love what you’re working on and reading your blog. :) I am doing a lot of reading for movies….I mean reading books that are turning into/or have already been made into a movie. Ender’s Game, World War Z and The Great Gatsby. I’m sure I’ll fit more in there…maybe Eragon. ;)

      • Candice says:

        Ender’s Game is amazing!!! I couldn’t stop reading it and even got teary eyed during the climax of the book, not because it’s sad but because it was so good. Sort of embarrassing but true. ;) I highly recommend it.

  3. deepbluerenegade says:

    If you like fantasy, then the coldfire trilogy by CS Friedman is amazing. Well, actually anything by her is amazing. She turns fantasy conventions on their head.

    Molly : )

  4. Amy says:

    I am in awe of your stitch marker collection. A W E.

    I was going to knit the pogona. But I don’t think I have that many stitch markers whomp whomp ;)

    Great progress on all of your knits! And congrats to little brother on the graduation! Is your whole family moving to College Station with you in the fall or is this a campus apartment for you?? Good luck with the move either way :D

    I really enjoyed Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carringer. It’s a steampunk-esque female harry potter boarding school type of romp. good stuff! and now i want to check out the Eragon series.

    • Grace says:

      Haha, thanks! Its definitely grown to a great size over time. Its something that I can’t resist when I see cute ones :-P

      I’m moving with mah younger brother (but he’ll be in a different place) and I’ll be living in the place we got with a friend from church, cause she’s going to A&M in the fall as well. I’m so excited!

  5. cblatt says:

    Left a reply on a different post but then saw this one… Interesting coincidence..I just finished reading the entire Eragon series. My sons (heading to A&M this fall too!) recommended them. I enjoyed the books. :)

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