Complete body, start of a sleeve

Despite my huge plans of knitting on the beach, it didn’t really happen. I think I ended up knitting for about 10 minutes, haha.

I think this was because 1) due to the fineness of the sand on the beach, it was getting everywhere and in everything. As much as I loved the sand, I didn’t want it in my knitting. And 2) So many things to do, see, people to watch, family to talk to, sun to absorb… I was busy d^_^b

But, when we were in the airport for pretty much the entire day, for the journey homeward, I got a ton of knitting done.


Tada! The body of my Pomme de Pin Cardigan is now complete, and I have started on the sleeves…


The ribbing on this sleeve was a breeze, because I read the whole time, while knitting it, haha.

Knitting the lace in the round is kinda throwing me off… it’s getting a bit messed up. But it’ll be on underside of the sleeve, so its all good ^_^


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