Baileys Salted Caramel Chocolate Pie (plus knitting)

I made a pie today ^_^


Its a Baileys Salted Caramel Chocolate Pie. And yes, it tastes just as amazing as it sounds. Not that I’d know or anything, I’d never taste the filling before running water in the bowl ~_^ (it was extremely tasty, heehee)

Super quick, super easy. I wasn’t quite sure how much 6oz. of chocolate chips were when measured by cups – I was getting several different answers online. I ended up putting in about a cup and a little bit. Melted the chips in the microwave – nothing special there.

Whipped together some sugar and heavy whipping cream, added the Baileys (which my dad picked up for me at a Spec’s), whipped it some more, then added the melted chocolate. Put it all in a pie crust my mom had gotten, sprinkled some salt on top, then stuck it all in the fridge! Where it is now sleeping, haha. It shall be eaten tomorrow… I can’t wait to try it ^_^

I’m so loving not having to go to school every day now ^_^ I have time to make pies and blog more and knit and sleep late and so many awesome things ^_^

In the knitting world, I cast on a sweater (because I could, haha) On… Monday, with some Brooklyn Tweed LOFT I had gotten in the Homemade Jam colorway (First maroon sweater, woot!) with the intention of making Reverb by Tanis Lavallee.

So I cast on, got my 2 and 3/4″ of the collar and was about to start the cabling. Then I realized… that Reverb is actually a worsted weight sweater. Why I had thought it was knit with LOFT, I have no clue, haha. It was definitely a laugh-at-myself-heartily-moment, haha. I’m so glad I caught that before I continued on though, this cable pattern is no joke.

It was frogged, and I cast on holding my LOFT double (thankfully with the 7 skeins I got and holding it double, I should end up with about 62.5 yards left over. We’ll see about that, haha) and I’ve made definite progress!


My main reason for casting this on was to do the Must Stash Podcast’s sweater KAL thats going on this month through the end of June, I think. Steph and Stacie are two of the sweetest people ever. Their podcast is definitely one of my favorites now. If you love knitting, laughs, and knitterly inspiration – this podcast is definitely for you. Ohhh yes, it is for you.

When Wool People 5 was released, Reverb was the one that stood out to me the most. I *had* to cast it on, haha.

I’m really excited about the yarn, despite the fact that I goofed and got LOFT instead :-P, the color is just so amazing. I like that its very true to its name – it’s got little flecks of darker purples and browns.. just like how homemade jam would. It would have little pieces of strawberries that were a bit darker than the jelly part. Brooklyn Tweed always has the best colors. So natural and rustic looking, ahhh.

Now I’m sitting at a coffee shop, enjoying the sounds and smells (coffee *and* rain. ^_^).. now its time to get a little knitting in ^_^

Oh man, do I love the summer.

4 thoughts on “Baileys Salted Caramel Chocolate Pie (plus knitting)

  1. KnittedFox says:

    Baking and knitting are two of the best things ever!

    I’ve done the exact same thing before~ casting on and getting a good amount done before I realized something was off. xD /comfort!

    • Grace says:

      hahaha! Definitely not the first time for me either :-P it was funny, because I remember double checking I had the right weight. But it didn’t work, apparently, lol.

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