A&M Knucks

So, I’m really excited about going to College Station this fall. Like, kinda really really excited. So excited that I may have an A&M blanket…


Which, in reality, it’s just a piece of polartec at the moment. It’ll eventually have a piece of white polartec on the back… but I was just so excited when we got it, that I had to start wrapping myself up in it. It’ll get done! Then it’ll be even more amazing ^_^

But, like I mentioned yesterday, because College Station is a bit more nippy than Houston is (music to a knitter’s ears – “It’s a bit nippy” or anything that has to do with it being cold, haha) I’m creating a list of knitterly accessories/sweaters that I must make at some point… so I can stay warm ^_^ These items may or may not require techniques that use more than one color (i.e. maroon and white)

So, to begin my adventure on knitting all the knitterly things that are awesome (which is basically everything, haha) I started with a pair of Knucks! (free pattern on Knitty, woot woot!)


This is a learning experience, as I have never done a pair of mitts with the fingers before. After typing that out, I just thought of knitting a pair of toe socks.

Anyway, so they’re light grey. It’s Imperial’s Columbia yarn, the sport weight. Then I plan on putting “Texas A&M” (cause it FITS. WOOT!) on the fingers, in maroon.. of some sort. I am quite excited.

Or, I might add some stripes… somewhere? Maybe? I don’t know. We shall see ^_^


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