FO!!: Audrey in Unst

I have an FO, everyone! A sweater FO, at that… which hasn't happened in forever.



Took me long enough, haha. I cast this on as my NaKniSweMo. Christmas kntiting got in the way, other knitting got in the way, I started my second semester of college… Life happened, haha!

But now that I’ve gotten it done, I’m thinking I should have gotten it done earlier… cause there was hardly any left on it. Just the sleeves and edgings.

_DSC0992. Such a delightful pattern, it was a joy to knit. So quick and simple, yet there was enough to keep me completely interested the entire time.


So, this is the Audrey in Unst Cardigan by Gundrun Johnson

The yarn that I used, I got in London while we were there last year… it’s Patricia Roberts Lambswool No. 2. It’s a really amazing yarn, it reminded me a lot of knitting with Brookylyn Tweed’s LOFT. Its very airy and has a really nice looking drape. It was a little scratchy while it was in balls, but its definitely gotten softer during the knitting process.


Definitely is at the top of my favorite sweaters list, haha!


If you’re looking for a really simple sweater that you can easily modify to fit you – this is the sweater for you!


3 thoughts on “FO!!: Audrey in Unst

  1. amy says:

    I love this sweater, Grace! I definitely need to jump over my fear of clothing hurdle and try a sweater. This is beautiful! I love the detail around the neck.

  2. supermom2spiderman says:

    Grace, you are an incredible craftsman. I cannot get over how quickly you whip through your projects! And your writing style is phenominal! I nominated you for the Liebster award!

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