Selbu Modern II


School is insanely crazy. There are only 4 more weeks of it. Then it will be the summer time. And I can hopefully go back to a more regular blogging schedule.

But I am working on knitterly things, always moving forward :-P

One of my dearest friends had birthday in March, and I am knitting a Selbu Modern for her in maroon and white (a.k.a. Aggie colors ^_^)

She came over on Thursday evening for some fun and a break from school, and I couldn’t resist keeping it a secret any longer. So I showed it to her, despite it’s a-little-more-than-halfway-state.


I’m quite loving how its turning out. When I’m done with this one, I have plans to make another one with the maroon and white, but with the color situation reversed. The maroon will take the place of the white, and the white will take the place of the maroon.

In other news, my sister and future brother-in-law are here this weekend for my sister’s first wedding dress fitting. Wedding happiness is bounding and its all quite exciting. We’re now headed out to go see a Houston Astros game (because… that’s the baseball team. I always forget that, haha ^_^)

and I am bringing my knitting. Its going to be awwwwesome! ^_^


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