Finished Yarn ~ Daylily

Theres something so satisfying about being able to spin your own yarn, then have it turn out beautifully.


For Christmas I got a subscription to Spunky Eclectic’s fiber club, and it’s been one of the best gifts ever! The three shipments that I got were absolutely gorgeous.. I would really love to get another subscription!

The colorway was called “Daylily”, I think. The fiber type was really interesting, it was South African Fine… Sooo so soft, and it spun up amazingly well. It’s defintiely something that I’d wear next to my skin.

I got around a DK/light worsted weight, of about 205 yards. At the beginning I split the fiber in half, planning to do a 2-ply. So I got it all spun up on two bobbins, then started to ply. But I wasn’t a huge huge fan of how it was ending up, it was kinda hard to see all the different yellows and amazing colors. So, I scrapped that idea and went with the Navajo-ply. Definitely love how that turned out.


The colors are so extremely vibrant, I love it. I’m thinking about making the “Easy Handspun Mitts” by Vera Brosgol. But plans could change ;-P


3 thoughts on “Finished Yarn ~ Daylily

  1. Amy says:

    Your beautiful skeins of handspun make me really want to learn how to spin.

    The colors are stunning. Daylilly is an apt name for it.

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