A String of Purls – Striped Goodness

I had the pleasure of test knitting a simple hat for the extremely sweet and adorable Megan of the blog, “a string of purls”. And she also has an Etsy Store! Both are totally awesome, you should check them out!)

Uber uber fast, I cast it on late late Monday night (literally right before I went to bed, haha!), brought it with me to school the next day, and had it completely done (ends woven in and everything – go me!) before we got home around lunchtime. Yes, fast knit!

I used left overs from my Geysir Stretch shawl.. (Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica) just the cream and the grey; still got tons left over. The extras will probably end up being more hats :-P

But I quite love it…



I love the long brim, it’s just enough to keep your ears warm, but not be overwhelming. We actually got another cold spell in Houston, so I got to wear it to school yesterday ^_^


Awesome pattern!


8 thoughts on “A String of Purls – Striped Goodness

    • Grace says:

      me too! It was really fun to knit too… plain rib can get really boring after awhile, but the twisted stitches made life interesting ;-P

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