FO!!: Seagrass


Finished objects are quite happy things. I think we can all agree on that, haha.

This is a sweater I cast on back at the beginning of February. This is Seagrass out of Cecily Glowik MacDonald’s collection, “Landing: Winged Knits Vol. 1” (so many adorable things, I want to make them all!)

I used Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter yarn, in the Woodsmoke colorway.


I think I said I was worried about running out of yarn… it actually worked out perfectly, I think I had about 10 yards left. That was an awesome feeling – not having to add anything to the stash ^_^ (haha, anything less than 15yds doesn’t count ;-P)


It’s a really adorable and comfy sweater – the knitting process was such a joy. I brought it to school with me a lot, since most of it was mindless. When it got to the lace, I worked on it mostly at home, but the lace repeat was easily memorized ^_^


I definitely recommend this pattern if you’re looking for a spring/summer cardigan with a little something to spice things up. I think it would look gorgeous in a navy or any kind of purple. Ha, I might have to make another one ;-P


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