Busy little bee… cat… or something…


I took this picture about 3 days ago… so it’s definitely out dated, because I’ve finished the body and almost both sleeves (eh heh ^_^)

But I loved the colors so much, so I had to post the picture, heehee :-P


I’ve been extremely busy last week and this week, holy banana, haha! But it’s been good ^_^

I had my birthday (20, waaat!), which I’ll post about soon. I sang for a wedding, along with my church’s girls’ choir (awesomeeee!) and did a little bit of celebratory things with my family when we could snatch a moments. Annnd then there’s homework, haha.

But! Knitting time did happen, lots of time in the car. So, my little Seagrass is almost 100% done.


Bertie has been helpful, obviously. So much so, that I’m going to finish the ribbing on the second sleeve tonight and pick up the edging and… who knows, maybe finish that, haha!

Anyways, I’ve taken pictures the past couple days of new and blog-worthy items… so, hopefully I’ll be able to write the posts to go along with them soon ^_^

Ahh, the time constraints of a college student.


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