Valentines and a New Bed


Bertie would like to wish everyone a most happy Valentines day, may you be single or not. May it be filled with chocolate, at least one thing either red or pink (of any shade), and people you love.

Valentine’s day also means another thing for me this year, haha. This is my last day as a teenager. Which is a scary thing to think about. I’ve come to love being 19. But I shall be 19 no longer, come tomorrow.

Haha! So, I got an early gift for my birthday from my amazing parents. I got a new bed! A big girl bed, at that. It’s a queen. And it’s huge. Annnnd I love it ^_^ Now there should be enough room for both Bertie and I.


I’m working on some happy stuff right now. Mainly this (but you all know, there’s ton more :-P),

When I went to take pictures of it… I set it up all nice, turned around to get my camera, turned back around only to find…


That. He’s so helpful, isn’t he? My back wasn’t turned for more than 5 seconds. Little orange cat knows what he wants. Psh.

So I moved him, since I needed the picture. You can tell I offended him greatly.



Anyways! I’m loving knitting on this. I cast it on a couple days into February… This Seagrass by Cecily Glowik MacDonald.

I have about half an inch left on the ribbing section before I start on the lace pattern at the bottom. I’m curious as to if I’ll actually have enough yarn. Yard number wise, it says I will… But looking at it, I’m not sure. Oh well, haha! Just gotta wait and see ^_^


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