My Selbu Modern

Holy banana, school has been crazy! Huge chunks of new material in little spans of time… *mind explodes*

This is why I knit. Knitting is so soothing. Even complicated stuff. Just the motion of knitting is so soothing.

So to quickly update you with things that I think are extremely important in life..

I got a footstool from Ikea on Saturday (it’s called Ektorp Bromma, if anyone is interested, haha!) and it’s red. It’s very happy ^_^ I have Ektorp chair and I loves it… so now it’s nice to have the footstool as well. Tis very handy while working on school :-P


Also, you may not know this (I always forget, haha) but the top of said footstool lifts off and reveals all this amazing storage…


Which mine has been made into a cat bed, so the top gets put on only half way and the cats get their way. Eventually (after their nap) they jump out, haha.

So what else is new? I’m making this stinking awesome hat…

(Yes, Texans.. I know, I know. Why am I making a hat *now*, right before the hot weather comes? Well… because I want to. So ha! :-P)


This is my Selbu Modern by Kate Gagnon Osborn (free pattern, woot woot!) and I beeth using Knit Picks Palette in Tomato and Cream :-)

I’ve had some awesome encouragement from The Restless Knitter , she recently knit her second and was putting pictures on her Instagram. And I was in awe… and extremely inspired to finish mine, haha!

The last row before the decreases begin was finished last night. I plan on plowing through my schoolwork this afternoon and getting some precious knitting time this evening. It’s my therapy.


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