Seagrass and the Inhabiting Cat

I always forget how hectic homework and school can be. I get home from school around 2ish, work on homework all afternoon, then after dinner realize that I haven’t written a blog post. Aggggh, school, why must you commender all my time?! Why!??!??

There are good reasons though, haha. Its definitely going to be worth it :-)

But! Just because I’m not blogging does not mean that I’m not making major progress on some old projects and possibly starting new ones ;-P (You all know me… I go weak at the knees when it comes to starting a new project)


The hands add a lovely touch. Yay for photobombing brothers. Joey stuck his hands in the frame right as I was taking the picture, haha.

Anyways, what is this going to be?! This row of deliciously squishy Shelter… is going to become Seagrass by Cecily Glowik MacDonald (ravelry link!) out of her semi-recently published book, Landing! There are quite a few adorable patterns in there I hope to make in the future :-P

We went to go see the Houston Opera put on Showboat (which technically, is a musical by definition… which is what they did! Made it even more epic, the opera people doing the musical songs ^_^) and I brought Seagrass to work upon, since it was just plain raglan increases every 4 rows, or whatever.

I actually didn’t do all the raglan increases, because by the time I had like 2 left (of the every 4th row increase kind), it was already a little longer than the pattern said it should be.. by the time you were *done* with ALL the increases.

Soooo, I decided to divide for the armholes, haha. And I’m glad I did. When I got home, I tried it on and it fits really well. Though, it is a bit hard to tell *now*, since its still on the needles and all that jazz. But, it doesn’t seem to be as baggy in the general sleeve area, like some of my other sweaters. So! It’ll be interesting to see how that all works out ^_^


Bertie has been helping me with school. By basically inhabiting my bed when I’m on my bed… and inhabiting my desk when I’m at my desk. Which gets extremely crowded, haha. My laptop, all my textbooks and notebooks, a cup of tea, *cough* maybe some knitting *cough*, and a cat.

Yeah, it’s kinda crowded, haha.


2 thoughts on “Seagrass and the Inhabiting Cat

  1. fibercrush says:

    Yup, cat + keyboard + term paper stuff = crowded. My desk — a cat magnet whenever I want to work. But cats are so cute! And amazingly persistent at getting their own way!

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