FO!!: Geysir Stretch – Westknits ChoreoKAL


Meet my finished Geysir Stretch by Stephen West! (Ravelry link, btw ^_^)


It is quite large. But so awesome.


Very very large, haha :-P

So this was part of Stephen West’s Westknits ChoreoKAL that was back in November/December. And I was really motivated, haha, I was going to do like be on top of getting all the projects done, it was going to be AWESOME.

But, all you knitters out there can probably guess what happened.

You guessed it… Christmas knitting. ^_^

So! During my Christmas break, when I got a huge case of Must-Finish-All-the-Things (definitely not complaining there, hahaha!) and this was one of the things where I just sat down… and well… finished it, haha!

I used Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica (the cream and grey) and then Manos del Uruguay Maxima (the brightest pink ever)

And no, I did not enhance colors in the pictures. That pink really is that bright. Stinking amazing, isn’t it?!??


Perfect to cuddle up in. Perfect colors (Neon and neutrals, BOOYAH!). Just plan awesome ^_^


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