Aestlight Shawl and Gynx Yarn

While my family and I were in Dallas over Christmas break, to celebrate the engagement of my sister and her extremely awesome fiance, I spent most of my time with said people who were celebrating said engagement :-) And it was sooo much fun ^_^

They were extremely sweet and took me to Shabby Sheep, my sister’s LYS (yep, she’s a knitter to! :-P)

There I found extreme awesomeness, and ended up coming out with two skeins of yarn and an adorable project bag. It was epic.

One of the skeins ended up being my Renfrew hat, which I blogged about recently…

So what was the other skein that I got, and what am I doing with it?


Well, I am making the Aestlight Shawl by Gudrund Johnston of the Shetland Trader

I’ve had my eye on this shawl for what seems like forever, haha. It was probably one of the first patterns I added to my favorites on Ravelry when I joined…long long time ago :-P

Last night, while watching the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice (never gets old. Never) with my mom, I finished the last repeat of the lace pattern. Which was quite good, because as much as I love the look of it… I couldn’t get the pattern memorized, and it was always a bit confusing. But, definitely not the pattern’s fault… definitely mine, haha!


All thats left is one more garter section, then I start the lace edging! This has been quite an interesting shawl pattern, I’ve never done a shawl before of this construction, bottom up (I think? haha, I’m not 100% sure on the different kinds of shawl constructions :-P). And it’s been a really cool thing to learn! I’m excited for the edging… Never done anything like that either :-P

Now my yarn? Ohhhh my goodness, it’s divine! It’s by Gynx Yarns, in her Organic Merino Sock base, in the Margarita on the Rocks colorway. It has to be one of the most squishest sock yarns I’ve ever felt. She always has so many fun and gorgeous colors in her shop, I definitely definitely recommend using this yarn!

Laura, the owner and dyer of Gynx Yarns, is so sweet! She’s got her own video podcast called “The Dyer’s Notebook”. You should totally check it out on her blog!

This is going to be one epic shawl, I think. Ohhh yes :-)

I also have an idea whooshing around in my head – there might be a post about it soon :-)

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