FO!! – Renfrew

I got me another FO! ^_^


This is Renfrew by Jane Richmond, which is in her brand new book, Island. It’s got several absolutely adorable patterns, I totally recommend it!


I used Madelinetosh Vintage in the colorway called “Violin”. I picked up the single skein at Shabby Sheep, my sister’s LYS in Dallas. She and my future brother-in-law were extremely sweet, and stopped by there while we were there after Christmas for the engagement party :-)


I love stitch pattern of this mock-cable thing (such technical terms, right? :-P). It looks kinda complicated, but it’s actually just one slipped stitch and a yarn over that make it look that way. Plus a couple rows in-between :-)


I had a photo-bomber… this time, not a feline. More like a little brother, haha. Sadly, he got away before I got a picture of the face he was making, haha :-P


Definitely one of my favorite hat patterns, I cast it on at work on Jan 7th, then finished it around the afternoon of Jan 8th. Uber uber fast! I’d totally knit this again :-)


4 thoughts on “FO!! – Renfrew

  1. Amy says:

    Love the color of Violin on this pattern. weird question, but does it cover your ears? I tend to wear my hats so they cover my ears completely but can’t tell w. your super cute hair cut where it falls on the side of the head ;)

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