FO!! – Turn a Square II

Little projects like hats and cowls and such are so awesome. They’re instant gratification, thoooo awesome.

In other words…


I have another FO ^_^

This is technically an old FO, cause I started and finished it on the 28th of December. I started it around 3:00, and finished it at 11:45 that evening, haha. Booyah!!

It’s that oh-so popular pattern by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed, Turn a Square. This is quite an awesome pattern, this is actually my second Turn a Square. My first one, I made back in August of 2011, while I was away at Summit :-P

This one does have a fair amount of mods though. I cast on 86, I believe, instead of the 96 the pattern calls for. Then fiddled with the math so the decreases would end up correctly. Which they did, so I was quite proud of myself for doing the math correctly ^_^

But yes, I finished it while I was in Dallas with mah family to celebrate my sister’s engagement, and had it to wear not only in Dallas, but also in Ponca City, OK. Where Joey and I traveled to after the festivities to celebrate New Years with everyone awesome there :-)


One thought on “FO!! – Turn a Square II

  1. Suzy says:

    LOVE quick projects like that! And the Turn A Square hat pattern has quickly become my favorite. Easy to play around with the stripes, add a cable, whatever! So much fun!

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