FO!! – The Purple Thingy!

I got me a little FO, woot woot! As you can see, I’m quite excited :-P


The pattern is Stephen West’s “Windschief” pattern, but the name of mine has been changed. It’s now called “The Purple Thingy” :-P And the yarn I used is Malabrigo Worsted in the “Purple Mystery”colorway ^_^


This is cowl (or cow, haha. Long story :-P) is quite awesome for multiple reasons.

1) The pattern was quite easy. No need to carry the pattern around, extremely easily memorized.

2) The yarn, especially the color. It’s like the most perfect purple EVER. Then the little bits of different purples mixed in. Just agh, so awesome. Then it’s so squishy. SO SQUISHY!!

3) I worked on it during not one awesome trip, but TWO awesome trips. More so during the second trip, but it was started during the first trip :-P But more on that later, haha!


I made the largest size for the cowl, because I didn’t like how tight the small size looked in the picture on the pattern. I expected it to be looser than it ended up, but now that I’ve worn it out and about, I loooove it! I’m glad that it’s not any looser. Because of the yarn, the gauge, and the size of it, it creates this really nice semi-dense fabric that really keeps you warm.

Which is perfect timing, cause we’re having some pretty cold weather here right now ;-P


It’s a really nice, easy, and quick knit! I definitely recommend this pattern.


Yep, I quite love this cowl/cow/whatever. It’s got a bunch of happy memories that go along with it too :-)


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