FO!! – Vancouver Fog – Christmas Present #2

Ahhh, Christmas has come and gone. But my Christmas was absolutely splendid! It was the best, I’ve had such a good time with my family. So much laughter and hilarity, haha.

So! Now all my gifts have been given, pictures of the recipients wearing their items shall now appear :-P


These are the Vancouver Fog mitts by Jen Balfour (free pattern, woohoo!) and my yarn is Rowan’s Lima :-)

my sister-in-law, the recipient, quite loved them. They were a really fast knit, I’m so happy with how they turned out! The cables are so brilliant looking, yet so easy ;-P

I’m going on a bit of a vacation today, and probably won’t be posting, except a musical Monday. I’ll be attending my sister’s engagement party and then heading to Ponca City to celebrate the New Year with some of my most favoritest people.

I’m so excited, it’s not even funny.

Only thing I’m worried about?

Is if I’ll bring enough knitting ;-P


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