Life Knitting Skills – My Life is Changed

I learned a learned a new lifetime skill. I will always be able to use this skill for forever and ever now. My life is changed because of it.

I learned how to cable in a movie theater in the dark. Yes, I speak the truth.

I did that. In the dark. While watching Skyfall (James Bond, woot!) the day after Thanksgiving.

When I heard that we’d be going to see a movie during break, I knew I had to find a project to work on during the movie. Otherwise… it would have been sad, haha. So I got the scarf cast on, happy days. Knit the 75 rows, it was cool.

My plan was to get the cables done *before* the movie, so I would just have another 75 rows of 2×2 rib, that’d be easy peasy. But alas, it didn’t work out that way.

So, sitting in the movie theater, I was frantically getting out a cable needle and trying to memorize the cable pattern before the point of no return, and I couldn’t look at my phone anymore. (Truth be told, I may have sneaked a few glances at my phone, just to be extra sure I was doing the right thing. …during the movie ^_^, haha)

It was a little sketchy a couple of times, I was terrified I’d mess something up. But I trusted my inner knitter, and just kept going. If I messed up, I’d just take it out when I got home. But I HAD to keep knitting. My hands HAD to be doing something.

So I did ^_^

Lots of progress has happened on this since I cast it on, on Thanksgiving…early morning-ish. I’m quite happy with this. It’s going to be my future brother-in-law’s Christmas gift. It’s Meadowbrook by Stephen West. Quite awesome, if you ask me.

My yarn is Sublime’s extra fine merino wool DK. The pattern called for 3 colors all together, but I didn’t think the recipient would have liked that, so I’m sticking with grey for the whole thing. It’s soooo soft.

The pattern also called for a size US4 needle, but I went up to a US6 for various reasons. 1) I knew that the size 4 would make a more dense fabric, and I didn’t want that. 2) using a 6 would go wayyyy faster. and 3) I couldn’t find a 4.

True, reasons 2 and 3 are lame. But, reasons are reasons, right? :-P I really do like it better with the 6, though. It’s perfect. My sister saw my progress over Thanksgiving, and kept saying “ooooo” and “that’s perfect!” So I’m quite happy with it :-P

So, never again will I balk at doing cables in a movie theater in the dark again. Lace and Fair Isle, probably won’t be able to do that in the dark. But I mean, who knows, haha.

Surprise, surprise. There’s that photo-bombing cat again.


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