Westknits ChoreoKAL – Geysir Stretch

This color is quite neon, isn’t it? I love it, haha. It’s so awesome. And obviously, Bertie loves it too, haha.

This is going to be Geysir Stretch from Stephen West’s ChoreoKAL that he’s doing from November 16th – December 7th. You can find out more about that on his facebook page...

It’s a pattern every Friday between those days, Geysir Stretch being the first one (the 16th). Next one, Aurora, is coming out on Friday, the 23rd.

My yarn is Manos Wool Classica (the cream and the grey) and Manos Maxima (for the neon pink, haha). And I’m doing it on size 10s. (partly because I wanted it a bit more open, and partly because I couldn’t find size 9s ^_^)

At the moment, I’m almost done with section 2, which is repeat of 8 rows. As you can guess, since it’s a shawl, the rows are getting extremely long. But I’m NOT going to give up. No. I’m going to get it done!

Which is why I’m bringing it to school today to work on, haha.

There’s something about the yarn that makes Bertie go yarn-happy (or, basically how he acts when he’s on catnip, haha). Maybe there’s a sheep smell in the Wool Classica…That usually gets him pretty happy, haha.

My college gets out Wednesday, at 4:30 (when the schools close)… True, I’m done with classes by 9:00am, haha. But still, that’s pretty late! Anyone else getting out really late??


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