Day 2 of the 9 Days of Thankfulness!

Today, I’m thankful for Ravelry.

It’s a portal to not only creativity and inspiration, but also amazingly awesome people!

If you don’t have a Ravelry, and you knit and/or crochet and/or craft with anything fiber, you really need one.

I’d call it kind of like a Facebook for knitters… minus the newsfeed of statuses. It’s a fiber-related social networking site. I didn’t know this, but it even has it’s own Ravelry Wikipedia page…How cool is that?

It hit a huge mile-marker on February 29th, 2012; they got 2 million members. Sooo many people!

I really recommend getting an account (it’s free, woot woot!) if you’re on the lookout for knit/crochet patterns, free and paid. The selection of patterns and amazing designers is absolutely endless, I find new things every day!

Also, I’m making huge progress on my Audrey in Unst cardigan, that I’m doing for NaKniMo and NaKniSweMo. Moving along very quickly ^_^ Will I make it before Thanksgiving? Will it get finished? Agh, we’ll just have to wait and find out, haha :-P


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