Epic Weekend – Family and Knitting lessons

And so, the next KAL that Hannah and I are doing, is underway. And it is quite exciting ^_^

This is the Age of Brass shawl by Orange Flower… it’s an extremely popular pattern, and I can definitely see why.

I’m knitting on my handspun, from Three Waters Farm, which I did quite awhile ago. And it’s ending up quite brilliantly. When it was in the cake, I was worried it’d be too thin, or my twist wasn’t going to be tight enough, and it’s just kinda fall apart in my hands. But nope! It’s the perfect weight and the twist is awesome.

Because of the size of the needle and the personality of the yarn, it’s ending up really nice and lightweight. Which is always a good thing for Houston ^_^

This past weekend, it was quite an awesome weekend :-) We took a trip to Missouri for a family wedding, and it was great! We got to see lots of family we hadn’t seen in such a long time.

But I got the opportunity to teach one of the daughters of my cousin, Nate. And it was a blast ^_^

Malia, who is 6, was really really excited to learn how to knit, and picked it up really really quickly! Much faster than me when I was learning how to knit :-P She got started on a garter stitch scarf, and she was just going to town with it! Her mom, Erika, wrote a blog post about it on their family blog, Sapp-Shots. There are some great pictures of the knitting adventures on there :-P

I had so much fun getting to teach her, getting to knit together, and see all my family. It was an epic weekend :-)


One thought on “Epic Weekend – Family and Knitting lessons

  1. paulineos says:

    Isn’t it great fun, teaching kids to knit? They get such a kick out of every single stitch… P.S. Snap! I downloaded that scarf last week, just waiting for the right yarn to cross my path-yours is gorgeous!

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