Selbu Modern

I cast on something small. Something small, nothing big. Tests and papers have been coming back for school, and I’ve been extremely happy with my grades (a 95 on a big paper, a 99 on a math test…yes, a math test.) and lots of other happy stuff.

So I thought I’d reward myself with a little something :-)

I started the Selbu Hat by Kate Gagnon Osborn for the Fibre Company (which is a free pattern, woot woot!) using KnitPicks Palette in Cayenne (color#:6460) and Cream (color#:10)

I ended up using US1s for the ribbing (partly because I couldn’t find US0s… okay, maybe thats the only reason why I used US1s. Eh hehe ^_~)

I’m headed on a trip to Joplin, Missouri for a family wedding this weekend. We leave pretty shortly after my classes on Friday. I’ll definitely be taking this little project along on the plane.


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