Pikachu Cat

It’s rather chilly today. And by “rather chilly”, I mean it’s like… freezing (by Houstonian standards, haha.) It *is* only 55 though, and rainy. So it’s… definitely cold ^_^

So I bundled up in my hand knits this morning and headed to school. I saw several girls who had unwisely decided to wear shorts and a tank with a thin sweater over it. They looked a tad cold, haha. The wind is pretty brisk, I was definitely grateful for my Yang Cowl, as I walked from my building to the library.

Now, I have some school do to. Which Bertie has joined me while I work. He’s nested in the blankets at the end of my bed…

He liked to hide behind the big mounds of blanket, so you can’t see him if you walk in the room.

He’s such a cutie-patootie.

I think he looks like Pikachu in this picture, with his ears and all that jazz. This picture was a total accident, but it ended up being a happy accident :-P He’s my little Pikachu cat ^_^


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