Socktoberfest Socks: Pair #3

I am quite a huge fan of knitting socks. There’s something soothing about knitting them. Especially if 1) you have fun yarn. Or 2) you’ve done the pattern a bazillion times, and you know it’s going to work out. Or 3) both 1 and 2, haha.

So is Bertie, haha. He’s obviously a huge fan of knitting socks :-P

They are most definitely, one of the best auto-pilot projects out there. Simple, easy, quick…. brilliant.

I started the first sock on… Sunday morning, I believe (haha, in the car on the way to church :-P) and finished it yesterday, right as my last class of the day was finishing up. Epic timing (again, haha).

Then this morning (at 6:15am, to be exact) I quickly cast on the second one in the car, before I went into school. The only problem with socks, especially when you’re just beginning one, is that the needles click together a lot… which obviously, can make lots of noise which is not good for the classroom.

So I got it cast on and a couple rows done before my classes started, and it was all good ^_^

Yaaaaayyy for Socktoberfest 2012!!


3 thoughts on “Socktoberfest Socks: Pair #3

  1. Erin says:

    What pattern do you use? I was wanting to knit myself a pair of socks, but have heard that they are very hard. Do you think a mid level-knitter would be able to knit a pair with out too much heart break over them? thanks!

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