Chunky Indulgence

I have been indulging myself in a very chunky knit while I take breaks from school. It’s very therapeutic, and I’d totally recommend it. I don’t know what it is about the whole bulkiness of it all, but it’s so rewarding.. and makes you feel good about yourself. (Though, I guess it does make sense, because you can knit like 5 inches, in 5 minutes on big needles with big yarn :-P)

Recently when my parents went out shopping, my mom saw this big big knit blanket that was really squishy and just awesome.

Only problem? It was 129$. And of course, she thought “Psh, we can make that.” And If you’re a knitter, you’ll know what I’m talking about… whenever you see something knit in a store that’s ridiculously priced, you immediately analyze it, think of a pattern and yarn that would work for exactly the same result, but a lot less money.

So that’s what we did! She came home, showed me the picture online, and I came up with the yarn that I’d use. And the blanket was so simple, I’m just coming up with it as I go. Easy peasy.

I’m using Lion Brand’s Thick and Quick, so that’s amazing. And then I’m using US17 size needles. Even more amazing, haha :-P

And it will not be repossessed by the cats when I’m done with it. They can snuggle *with* me. But they cannot snuggle in it *without* me. Otherwise, I’ll never see it again :-P


2 thoughts on “Chunky Indulgence

  1. Autumn says:

    Looks awesome from your pictures! My cat always likes my hand-knit blankets over the store-bought ones… and I think all of the white hair on my purple blanket can attest to that. :)

  2. Erin says:

    Ooh!! pretty!! I love what you said about you and the cats and snuggling. LOL!
    I also think like you and you mom, when I see something knitted or crocheted, I think,
    “I can do THAT’ O.o.. :)

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