FO!!: Socktoberfest Socks Pair #2

Tada! Second pair of Socktoberfest socks, done!

(woot, different location! *changes things up*)

I finished them up, with about one minute to spare in my American History class this morning. I was rushing to finish them within the class time, haha. And just barely finished grafting the two stitches together, right before we were dismissed.

It was rather amusing, because the last couple of minutes, I was being observed by a near-by fellow student, and she was amused at me trying to work really fast. We exchanged a little giggle, and I went back to trying to find my tapestry needle in my project bag in my backpack. (thankfully, I found it, haha. That would have been sad.)

Anyways! Pair #2, done! Woot woot! This is Lollipop Yarn’s Self-Striping Sock yarn, in the Purple Pizzaz colorway. And I think she’s coming out with Christmas self-stripers, which I think is the coolest thing. I hope to get one, maybe :-P


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