Complicated Cables

I have another sweater going. Or, I started another sweater. You maybe wondering what happened to my Celestite cardigan… Lets just say its in time-out, at the moment, haha.

BUT! I wanted to work on a sweater. So, I did. Yay me ^_^

This is the Ash Cardigan by Amy Christoffers for Brooklytweed’s Wool People 2

I would be lying if I said it was an easy pattern… it’s not, the cable chart is crazy confusing. I’ve gotten into the “rhythm” of it, though. So it’s going a little smoother than when I started it. But it’s definitely a stop-and-think pattern.

Even though it’s not November, I’m treating this as my big cabled sweater of the year. Last year, I did the Acer Cardigan (also by Amy Christoffers). Since then, I’ve definitely leveled up on the cabled skill. True, the Acer Cardigan cables weren’t *uber* hard. But that was my first big cabled sweater.

Taking it to a whole new level this year, haha. These cables on Ash are 1 stitch cable. So, cabling wise, that means you hold one stitch on the cable needle (or whatever) and knit one stitch. Which really isn’t that hard, it’s just really fiddly. It creates a really cool affect, though… So I think in the end it’ll be worth it.

This does not mean that my November/Thanksgiving/NaKniSweMo/NaKniMo plans are nothing! I have a big thing planned, so we’ll see. If I can get this done in a month, I’ll be happy :-)

But I have Bertie to help me along the way. To help take pictures for a post. Mostly to model and photo bomb. Which I don’t really have a problem with :-P

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