Annular by Wooly Wormhead

So, if you’ve been online in the knitting world, you will know that Wooly Wormhead’s brand new book, Classic Wooly Toppers, was released recently. It’s quite an amazing book… all the hats are brilliantly adorable!

Plus, she has uber amazing tips on what hats look best on what face shapes and with long/short hair. Which is pretty handy!

So, I may or may not have cast a hat on. In my favor, I *did* wait like… a week. A week and a half maybe, before casting one on. But I had a bad week…I had the yarn…so I went ahead and did it ^_^

This is Annular! It’s slouchy, and happy. And red. Which I love. I don’t have any red hats… or anything red red, that I’ve knit, actually.

I’m using Ella Rae Lace Merino on size US 5s for the body, and used US 4s for the ribbing.

The pattern calls for a DK weight yarn, and mine is a fingering. But I’m liking how it’s turning out… just adding a little bit of length so it’ll look like the picture, haha. But because of the difference in yarn, it’s a little more lightweight.

(wearing it like this, while it’s still on the needles and won’t really fit on my head.. it reminds me of a fez, kind of. The Doctor would be proud. :-P)

It’s a fun little knit, I’ve knit upon it in class, so it’s definitely not a complicated pattern. Mostly purling with a few twisted stitches thrown in there :-P So adorable!!


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