Perfect Fall

The weather has finally reached the “Perfect Fall” status. For Houston, anyway :-P The highs are in the low 70’s/80’s, and the lows are in the high 50’s/60’s ish. Walking into school this morning, it was only 61, and I was freeeeezing. Despite my long sleeves, knitted sweater, and jeans.

Which is awesome timing, because I’m making uberly fast progress on that sweater I started on Monday.

At the moment, I’m more than halfway done with the body. Then I cast it off. And it’s… done. Well, the body is anyway, haha. I’m working on the increases on the sides at the moment, which is uber easy.

I always enjoy doing the shaping on sides of cardigans/sweaters/pullovers. It’s like… a little more than just plain ‘ole stockinette or garter stitch. There’s a little something you need to be watching for. But not enough to throw you off and are like “Oh my goodness, WHERE AM I ON THIS?!??”

Plus, it’s something I can work on during class. Therefore, it is automatically amazing. ^_^

Bertie has been enjoying the fall sun in my room. Every M/W/F when I come home from school, he’s always in this particular patch of sunlight on my floor. I’m then greeted with a little chirp and an adorable cat grin. (You cat people know what I’m talking about :-P)

And I go weak at the knees, because he’s just so stinking cute. Not that I’m biased or anything, haha.


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