I had no sweaters in progress. Wat??

Gather round, everyone. Its time for a story ^_^

Monday evening, I had gotten a ton of homework done, feeling so good about myself. So my mom and I settle down with some knitting and a podcast.

And before I actually sat down and started knitting, I had a little conversation with myself… “I should cast something on.”

The inner me: “No… don’t do that. What would you cast on anyway?”
Me: “Well… I have these two sweaters and that hat.. and that pair of fingerless gloves. That I could start.”
Inner me: “No.”

That didn’t go anywhere, haha. So I asked my mom for her opinion…and come to find out, I had NO SWEATERS ON THE NEEDLES WHATSOEVER.

That is history, right there, peoples. History.

So that made the decision pretty easy. Our motto is that you should always have a sweater going. Just because. It’s happy. (wonderful logic, right? :-P)

Photo bombing *again* Silly kitty.

Anyways! This is my first time to knit with Knit Picks (which I’m using the Palette). And it is quite amazing, plus it’s awesome yardage (231yds) for only… 3.39$ a ball.

I cast on the Celestite cardigan by Cecily Glowik MacDonald (which can also be worn like this..)

I’m almost to the divide of the sleeves, which I think is pretty good progress. I took it to class today, instead of the cowl that I’ve been knitting upon.

Bertie was so helpful when I was taking pictures. So so helpful, haha.

In other words, he was in the way, haha.

But you know me, I love him anyway ^_^


3 thoughts on “I had no sweaters in progress. Wat??

  1. Laura says:

    I love that color you’re using. Good luck with your sweater! (p.s. I wish that I had thought of knitting to pass the time during class back when I was in college.)

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