iCord Bind-Off and Buttonholes

Haha, remember the Sardine Sweater that I started way back in May? It’s been one of those projects that I never feel like working on unless I feel really guilty, then it comes and out and I work on it non-stop, haha.

I am *this* close to being done. *THIS* close. It has been a good project though, I’ve learned how to do pleats, i-cord bind-off, i-cord buttonholes, and I perfected my short rows. And soon, I’ll be working on my pocket skills.

I’m almost done with the i-cord bind-off around the entire edgings of the sweater (which, from what I’ve heard about the i-cord bind-off taking forever and a day, I got more than half of it done in one evening. True, I had knitting podcasts and a Doctor Who to watch, but still, haha :-P)

I’m planning on finishing up the bind-off this afternoon, then get started on the pockets. I got buttons on… Wednesday, I think. They are *perfect*.

Also, this evening we’re going to go hear the Houston Symphony perform their “Best of Brahms”. Which I am quite excited about, Brahms is one of my favorite composers.

And even better? If I take a couple of pictures and show them to my music appreciation teacher? I get extra credit on my big test on Tuesday. Major major win.

And of course, I’ll be knitting the whole time ^_^


One thought on “iCord Bind-Off and Buttonholes

  1. Vonna says:

    I completely understand the not feeling like working on it feeling. I have a shawl I’m working on that I love but is sorta wearing on me. What keeps me going is I have an upcoming event I want to wear it to and less than a month to get it done. Sweater is looking nice. Keep up the work.

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