I needed to knit

More progress has happened, thanks to my large amount of time that is dedicated to reading for school and listening in my history class.

It was quite sad, actually, on Wednesday… I had brought this particular project to work on during my history class, knowing that I would have to soon change colors, so I needed to bring my TOMs bag with the other two cakes in it. Which I did, I threw it in a TOMs bag that was sitting next to my desk, stuck it in my backpack, and thought nothing more about it.

Next day, I got to history class, pulled it out, and was going to pull out the next color, but found out that I had grabbed the wrong TOMs bag. I was quite sad, haha. The bag I had grabbed had the yarn and needles for the Hitchhiker… but no pattern, so I couldn’t start that.

So, I thought “This is sad. I really really want to knit…I *need* to knit. I’ll just go ahead and knit with the same color. I still have 2 rows left… who knows, maybe that’ll last an hour. It’s 400 stitches…”

Which ended up being a silly thought. I finished the two rows in the first 20 minutes, and went on to do another 2 rows, because I didn’t want to *not* have something to do with my hands.

Needless to say, I think I might run out of yarn of this particular color, which is very sad, haha. I might take back those 2 rows though… though tinking 400 stitch rows does not sound pleasant >.<


2 thoughts on “I needed to knit

  1. introvertedknitter says:

    Gorgeous progress. I can understand the need to have something to do in class, I have grabbed the wrong project bag enough, that now I just keep a spare sock yarn and needles in my bag for “emergencies,” just so there is something in there. Congrats on the progress, best of luck should you decide to tink back all those stitches.

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