Bolting Embers

I’m quite in love with this cowl. I’m quite in love with this yarn as well (though, it’s got some things that I’m not so fond of. But not enough to stop me from using it ^_^)

On Sunday, I finally got around to blocking something that had been sitting around, waiting to be blocked since… July (scary, I know.). It was also done in LOFT, and after the blocking, holy cowwwww… it’s so soft, compared to what it started out as.

This is Bolting by Stephen West (which is from his new book that’s coming out soon, eeeee!) which I mentioned at the beginning of the Ravellenic Games/the Olympics. (Which, truth be told, I cast it on before the Olympics and didn’t count it as my Ravellenic knitting. I had camp, I needed something to knit upon…it was calling my name! :-P)

It is quite ginormous. Wing span is 79″ wingspan, tip to tip. I’m not sure if I got that, but I’ll be happy if it’s less than that. 79″ is like… really long, haha. The color way name is Embers… it’s that perfect fallish orange with a bit of heather in it. ^_^

It blocked out *so* nicely… it’s so light and airy, I’m so happy I chose this yarn. I’ll try and get FO pictures soon ^_^

Also, if you went to Summer Sanctus, and saw me knitting? This is what I was knitting on, haha. Now you know ^_^


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