Classroom Knitting

I started something both big and small. No, I did not cast on *two* things (though, honestly, I wish I had :-P)

Big in the sense, it’s 400 stitches. Small, because it’s just knitting in the round, with a couple of stripes thrown in. Mindless knitting.

This is the Ticking Cowl by Cirilia Rose for Brooklyn Tweed’s WOOL PEOPLE, Vol. 3

I’m using the exact same yarn, Loft, (and colors, almost) that is shown in the pattern. Not all the exact same colors, the main color, Woodsmoke, was out of stock when I was getting it (*weeps*) so I went with Barn Owl… Which is just basically a little bit darker. I’m really liking the affect so far.

At the moment, I’m starting my first round with the third color (so the darkest red, or Wool Socks) and it’s such a pleasure to knit. I love the feeling of Loft, it has this homespun feel and vibe about it that is just really cool. It’s a little bit more scratchy than some other yarns, but it’s in a good way… Like, because the yarn feels this way, it would add more to the character of the item you were knitting. And it does get softer with a wash and a little bit of love and usage :-P

I just finished my third day of college (Woot woot!) and got permission to knit from my history teacher (YESSSSS!). And because this is just ’round and ’round… this might definitely become my class knitting. Or something else, we’ll see :-P I’m hoping to get permission to knit in other classes as well… but I have yet to ask :-P

Bertie also obviously approves. You can see the joy pouring off his face…Oh yes. Most definitely.


3 thoughts on “Classroom Knitting

  1. Amy says:

    You’re so lucky your professors will let you knit in class. I wasn’t knitting in my college days, but I don’t think any of mine would have let me :(

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