FO!!: Sparkly Leg Warmers

I love knitting with handspun, it really makes me happy.

Remember those sparkly leg warmers I started while I was unable to move around due to the fact that my face was like a balloon?

*drumroll please*


These seriously are the best leg warmers. Not just because of the yarn, oh no. They’re so perfectly slouchy… They go with any kind of footwear… Heels or Toms. (I’m a huge fan of the heels, so adorable!!)

You know all the pictures you’ve seen around in all the fashion magazines and adds of girls with both flats and heels on, with either slouchy socks or leg warmers on? Like these heels… or these adorable flats/boots/moccasins (I want a pair of those shoes soooo bad, haha :-P)

You can make those leg warmers (and I’m sure you can make the socks too, I just haven’t done that yet, haha) and you don’t have to spend 30$+ on knit leg warmers. Plus, you can make them the way *you* want them. Length wise, color wise, texture wise, there are endless possibilities.

They’re kinda like hats or a simple sweater pattern… You can take it and jazz it up with your own ideas, and make it completely your own! They’re amazing for that one skein of fun, brightly colored, variegated yarn that you got and you have no clue what do with it.

Will I be making more of these? You betcha!


5 thoughts on “FO!!: Sparkly Leg Warmers

  1. Amy says:

    Very cute! I think they look fantastic with the heels (and fun with the Toms!). I also really like the skirt you’re wearing – I need to find something like that!

    I think I might have to knit some fun leg warmers for work this fall :D

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