Color Affection: the Addiction

More progress was made yesterday evening on the Color Affection shawl, hallelujah.

It is quite addictive and just plain HAPPY. Even though it’s just grey and black right now… striping is always intriguing and leaves you always asking for more ^_^

Other news: I’ll be doing a test knit for A Dull Roar, which I’m quite excited about. More about that soon.

And! I got my “Hogwarts”/Harry Potter Knitting and Crocheting House Cup letter, and I am rather excited. It’ll be something I think I’ll definitely enjoy and will like getting into… Plus, it’ll add that little bit of pressure that always helps me get stuff done :-P

I think I missed sorting, but that’s okay. Or maybe I didn’t… I’m not *quite* sure, haha. Hopefully I’ll figure it out :-P

3 thoughts on “Color Affection: the Addiction

  1. Amy says:

    Fun!! I always wanted to do the HP thing but just don’t think I have the time to commit to it and I’m not the speediest knitter on the block either ;( I will enjoy following your fun with it though!

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