Begin – Color Affection

So! Among many many things I’ve been working on.. I cast on something last night, that I am quite excited about.

I got one of Miss Bab’s Affection Skeins in the Yummy 2 ply, to make the Color Affection Shawl by Veera Valimaki

Yes, I’m jumping on the Color Affection bandwagon… but when I saw these colors, I couldn’t resist.

Neon green, grey, and black? I mean, really… it’s perfect. Plus, the yarn is sooooo softy soft. I’ve never knit with Miss Babs before, but I’m loving my first experience. I’ve only been knitting on it for a little bit, but already I’m in love with it. It’d make a really

Lots of progress, oh yes. And what I’ve heard about it being addicting is true. I’m not even in the color work yet, and already I can’t put it down.


6 thoughts on “Begin – Color Affection

  1. Amy says:

    oooh pretty, pretty yarn! If I ever knit one of these things (and I already have the pattern printed) I might go with this yarn co. You are such a fast knitter :)

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