Goodbye, wisdom teeth…

I am currently semi-dead on a couch watching Doctor Who, House, Doc Martin, Poirot, and many other things because…

I just had my wisdom teeth removed (I only had 3 of them. Random fact of me) This doesn’t really affect you though… There might not be a post tomorrow, but we’ll see.

There are 3 more project bags that have fresh and new knitting projects just waiting to be cast on while I’m semi-dead/out of it-ish/not able to get up. So my knitting time… is going to go wayyyy up ^_^ I have happy things planned out, and I cannot wait to cast on whatever I want to. Plus, everything I cast on and (hopefully) finish applies to my Ravellenic Games goals/accomplishments.

Such a happy thing ^_^

Also, hopefully this was not me… though it is extremely amusing.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye, wisdom teeth…

  1. Laura says:

    I just got mine removed about half a year ago. Make sure you’re trying to get some form of food in you. I didn’t eat enough and the pain killers made me horribly nauseous.

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