FO!!: Rocky Coast Cardigan

I am so so happy with this, it exceeded my expectations of it.

Pattern: Rocky Coast Cardigan from Coastal Knits by Hannah Fettig
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers
Needles: US9 and US10.5 (5.5mm and 6.5mm)
Mods: Lengthened the body by 2.5″ and shortened the sleeves by 2″ before adding the ribbing.

It is quite an epic cardigan. And I am quite in love with it. Which I know I’ve definitely said before. But now, you can see *why* I love it ^_^

And thus ends another KAL with Hannah ^_^ (though she’s not quite done yet. I did beat her, but…it’s not a race ^_^) and I cannot wait for the next time we get to wear our FOs together.

I couldn’t ask for a better cardigan.

First Ravellenic sweater: COMPLETED. Wooooot!!


7 thoughts on “FO!!: Rocky Coast Cardigan

  1. cupcakesakura says:

    did you make this? if you did… wow nice i need a thick black cardigan for work but can’t find any in the shops if only i could make one =^_^= LOL

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