KAL/Ravellenic Progress

And so. the Rocky Coast Cardigan.

I am quite in love with this cardigan. With both the cardigan itself and the happiness that it’s given me while I’ve been knitting it. It’s going SO FAST. I cast on on…the evening of Sunday, July 29th. And I’m already 4 rows into the ribbing on the bottom.

Seriously, this cable pattern is brilliant. It’s so extremely easy to remember, it’s easy to do, and it’s beautiful.

So, the length for the size I’m doing (the 36″, the smallest size) is 13.5″. Which I knew beforehand, that I wanted it longer. So, since I had the extra time, I added some extra length. It’s now 16″, haha. Not including the 2″ of ribbing that is added onto the bottom of it.

My mom was very kind and took a couple of pictures for me, while I had a few minutes.

Bertie was part of the photoshoot, and I was rather distracted.

It ended in me getting the kitty-kitties and my mom being amused.

So this is the KAL that Hannah and I are doing. I will WIN… again! I “won” the last one, when we did the Wispy.


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