Ravellenic Game Progress

I love the Olympics. For multiple reasons.

1) watching the Olympics is kind of a family tradition. I grew up watching it when it came on, and it’s just something we do as a family, and we have so much fun doing it :-P

and 2) thanks to the Ravellenic games, I don’t feel quite as bad when I cast two sweaters on in the span of 3 days.

I don’t have any pictures quite yet, but I’ll get them soon, never fear!

first one, I cast on during the opening ceremonies. The Annabel Cardigan is now on my needles, and I’m about… 10″ away from being done with the body. Then I have both sleeves. But I’m doing it on size 9 and 10, so it goes fast. Always a good thing ^_^

Secondly, I cast on two nights ago, during the last 30 minutes of the women’s gymnastics (which is AMAZING) And out of the two, I’m probably most excited about this one.

So, I’ve done several KALs with my knitterly friend (and amazing friend in general) Hannah. Such as Julissa and the Wispy Cardigan. The Wispy being the most recent one, and that was back in May. So, it was time to start a new one ^_^

We cast on the Rocky Coast Cardigan by Hannah Fettig, which I’ve been wanting to do for FOREVER. It’ll also apply to my Ravellenic endeavors in multiple categories.

She is using a beautiful orange Berroco Comfort, and I am using a mixture of browns, coppers, and reds in Cascade 220 Heathers. We sadly didn’t get to cast on at the exact same time, but we cast on on the same day, so that was better than nothing. We’ve been watching the Olympics in the evenings together, chatting or texting with commentary while trying to get through the cable rows. It’s quite amusing, haha ^_^

Anyways, I shall get the pictures up soon, for they are moving along quite well. We’re both on the body now and making steady progress all the time ^_^

Hurray for the Ravellenic games and the Olympics!!


3 thoughts on “Ravellenic Game Progress

  1. Allison says:

    How exciting! I can’t wait to see pictures! Are you doing the shoulder mods for the Rocky Coast cardigan that Hannah posted? I think when I finally get around to making that sweater I’d definitely do them.

  2. Hannah says:

    So, um. I finally just got around to catching up with your blog. And I love you. lots and lots. And I love our KAL’s…even if you’ve “won” more of them then I have.
    And I am so stinking excited to finish my sweater. ‘Cause yours is pretty awesome. And I know mine will be too ^_^

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