Last Plan for the Ravellenic Games (currently :-P)

More knitting plans for the Ravellenic games!

This is going to be Ash by Amy Christoffers for Brooklyn Tweed

This sweater actually has a zipper, which at the moment, I’m planning on doing. Because… you can’t get better at anything without trying new things, right?

I’m going to be brave (or I’m saying so now, haha. We’ll see when it actually comes down to it, haha)

So, if anyone has a really awesome and easy way of putting zippers in knitwear, I’d love to hear what you guys to say. I need all the help I can get :-P

This is the last plan that I have lined up at the moment. But you know me. I’ll probably come up with at least 5 other sweaters/cardigans/big projects for me to finish along with all the other ones :-P

Obviously, the Olympics starts today (YAAAAAAYYYY!!!!) So I’ll be able to cast on and get started.

I’m tempted to cast everything on and just kinda… go crazy. But knowing me, that probably wouldn’t be a good idea, haha :-P


2 thoughts on “Last Plan for the Ravellenic Games (currently :-P)

  1. deepbluerenegade says:

    That’s so true, though there is no need to be afraid until after to try to install a zipper.

    Eunny Jang had a video tutorial I thought. I watched it and it wasn’t scary.

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