Ravellenic Plans

Yay for planning for the Ravellenic games! Hallelujah, I love being a knitter, haha.

I’m just going to mention two things here, and I’ll get to more things tomorrow, so be on the look out for that :-P

So what are my plans?

Well, firstly, my plans are pretty much insane. I am 100% positive I won’t be able to finish all these things between the opening and closing ceremonies. As much as I would love that, I’m not that fast a knitter :-P

So, knitting wise… I have…

Cascade Heritage Sock yarn in the Cerulean color.

Wanna know why I chose this particular color?

It may have something to do with the fact that it’s *exactly* like the TARDIS. The color… is PERFECT. Anyone surprised? Didn’t think so :-P

I’ll probably be making another featherweight cardigan by Hannah Fettig of the Knitbot (yes, so it’ll be my second one) (WHICH I did finish the first one a while ago, so it’s not like I haven’t finished the first one :-P)

Secondly, I’ll be making Ptarmigan by Jarod Flood of the famous Brooklyn Tweed with two skeins of Road to China Light

It’ll be my first time to knit with it, and I am so so so excited. It’s so insanely soft and smells SO GOOD. I cannot wait to have it off my needles and around my neck to keep me warm during my history classes this fall :-P

So, you might have seen that the yarns are rather similar. Which, I didn’t realize until I was writing this post, haha.

Yes, I may or may not be a huge, ginormous, and very enthusiastic Doctor Who fan ^_^


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