Tour de Fleece 2012: Day 19

It’s so crazy that the 2012 Tour de France/Tour de Fleece is almost over, it feels like it
just started, haha. But it ends on Sunday. *sadface*

But I’ve been spinning away. This is the Salty Loop batt that I started with the Mystery KAL by Stephen West. And it’s taking longer since I really really want/need to get the 460 yards out of it. So, it’s thinner… and once I’m done with spinning it (which I’m almost one! Half the last color left!) I’ll Navajo ply it..

I’m hoping to get started on Clue 1 before Clue 2 is published.. but if I don’t, that’s okay. Because I’m leaving for camp (yaaaayyy!) on Monday, and I’ll be gone till Thursday afternoon-ish. So I can take both clues and work on them during the lectures and stuff.

Though, I have lots of other knitting already planned out, so I have my work cut out for me :-P

And that’s not even Olympic/Ravellenic game plans. Ohhhh no, I have more things up my sleeves *sneaky look*


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