He’s attracted to everything knit…

several squares of my Mitered Cross Blanket have been hijacked by a certain cat, who is extremely attracted to anything that is knitted.

“Hi, I’m here. ^_^”

But he’s cute. He get pull it off. Just as long as his kneading doesn’t get too exciting, and he starts pulling at the stitches (which he’s done before. Noro can’t handle that, haha.) Every time he starts really going to down, it results in many loud “NO!… NO!!!” and scrambling to get to the scene of the crime before much damage has been done, haha.

Cat lady, right here. Totally okay with it ^_^


3 thoughts on “He’s attracted to everything knit…

  1. KnittedFox says:

    Cat lady right here also! My cat, Rinoa, thinks she owns absolutely everything I’m working on and if it’s not currently in my hands, it’s hers. xD Silly cats!

  2. Zoey says:

    Awe that is just too cute, my cat is the same way. At first I thought I was lucky about the fact she didn’t like yarn, but the second something is knitted she is just on it. Kitties what strange things.

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