The Sardine Sweater

Progress on Manu/The Sardine Sweater (which is what I’ve decided to call it)

I got both sleeves done and attached. I actually got almost all of the second sleeve knit in the movie theater during Brave.

So everything is together, thus begins all the short rows of the yoke. Lots and lots of short rows. But, with projects that require lots of short rows… it’s a good opportunity to get really good at them, know how they work, and how to make sure they’re done correctly, haha. Definitely a good skill to have.


4 thoughts on “The Sardine Sweater

  1. Ruth says:

    How DO you knitt in the movie theater?! I try crocheting when it’s dark…but to no avail… :( You must have skilz!

  2. Allison says:

    Wow, that’s cool that you can knit in the dark! I do really well not looking at my knitting if I’m talking to somebody or reading something, but I think I need the ability to look at my project in case it feels like I made a mistake.

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