Tour de Fleece 2012 – Days 1,2, and 3

The 2012 Tour de Fleece started on Saturday! And I’m kinda really excited about it.

I have lots of fiber lined up for what I’m going to be spinning, and that’s happy happy happyyyyy

So on Saturday, June 30th, I started with that Loop batt “Baby’s Breath” which was 4.7oz of a merino/corriedale/nylon/angelina blend.

And over the span of 2 days, I got it all spun up..

Day 3 (which was yesterday), got it all niddy-noddied. And found out that as singles, it came out to 728 yards.

Very very very happy with it. It wasn’t very overspun at all. I’ll probably keep it as a single…

And now it’s drying from it’s bath. And it smells good (Agh, I love Soak ^_^). What I’ll do with it, I’m not exactly sure… I might use it for the MKAL that Stephen West is doing (which I’m SO EXTREMELY EXCITED FOR. No surprise there though, haha)

Or something else, I’m not sure. 728 yards… that’s definitely a lot. I could probably get a decent sized shawl and something else out of it, haha. Yay plans!!


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